Chibis kill...

"Chibis kill your ability to draw, see and understand other forms, styles of drawing." Source:

And yes, that is true. Inca dinainte sa incep site-ul asta multa lume mi-a zis asta. Desenand intientionat personaje deformate, piezi mult in rest. Take it from someone who knows (adica Raluca, not meh).

Eu eram constient de asta cand am desenat primul chibi. Which was fine with me, din moment ce n-am avut niciodata intentia sa evoluez in directia asta. Nici macar chibi n-am avut timp sa desenez, but that's another story. However, any of you reading this, don't forget to actually study drawing/anatomy/perspective etc.

by Bebe 16:30 06.01.2011